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HP VSA with hyper-v 2012

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HP VSA with hyper-v 2012



is it possible to have high-availibility with only 2 hyper-v hosts?

Installing windows server 2012 on two servers and on top (as vm) the VSA and configuring the fail-over cluster in windows.


Does it work? Because there is no quorum?!


Does automatic VM restart works?


Thank you!


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Re: HP VSA with hyper-v 2012

yes and no...  you can do a MS cluster with HA on two nodes.  That requires node+disk majority.  As for VSAs running a HA san on the same two servers, you will run into a problem for true HA w/ quorum.  You CAN impliment a virtual FOM which would then require manual intervention to regain quorum if the "wrong" node on the san were to fail.  The better solution is to have a 3rd node w/ a FOM to run to maintain quorum and ensure there is no need for human interaction to maintain quorum.  The FOM is a very light weight VM, so you can find some cheap POS old server to run in a closet and run the FOM on that, or run it on your desktop computer if its win8 and you always leave it on anyway. 


Short answer:  for Microsoft, 2 nodes is enought, for VSA, two storage nodes are enought, but you need a 3rd FOM node running as well on cheap hardware to really count as HA.