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HP lefthand p4300 G2

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HP lefthand p4300 G2

I have a slow speed SAS hp lefthand SAN 2 Node set up as should be , and the nodes are set up RAID 5 with the arrays built as RAID 10  and we believe that we want to convert the RAID 10 to RAID 5 because we will be only storing archive data on this Slow speed SAN. Can this conversion be done with out loss of Data ????


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Re: HP lefthand p4300 G2

are you talking about converting network raid 10 to network raid5?  If that is what you are doing and IF the data is now going to be 99% read only, then it should be OK to do this.  To do it, all you have to do is right click on the LUN you want to modify and select edit and then on the dropdown you can change it from NR10 to NR5, but keep in mind that this will require a LUN restripe which will take time and resources on the SAN.