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HP4500 Cluster Two-node

Anatoly Fedchik
Occasional Contributor

HP4500 Cluster Two-node



We have tested cluster HP4500 G2 (two-nodes) with volume which redundancy level was set to Network RAID10 (2-way mirror) is there any way to remove cluster and retain data on the volume of the storage system and get access to data  from our servers?


p.s. Remains only some days to the cluster demo license is over.


Thanks in advance



Honored Contributor

Re: HP4500 Cluster Two-node

no.  The data is only available through the program.


I wasn't aware that you could get the hardware san with a demo OS license... how is that possible?



you need to migrate the data off.  I forget exactly what happens when the license expires, but I"m pretty sure you can still read the data to extract it after the license expires, but I would try and move it off ASAP if you don't plan on actually using the SAN.