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HP4500 G1 iLO Setup

Gavin Race
Occasional Contributor

HP4500 G1 iLO Setup

Hello there,


I currently have a multi-site SAN with 8 nodes, 4 of which are P4500 G1 nodes and 4 of which are P4500 G2 nodes. 


The G2 nodes are easy enough to setup with iLO and have done so.


However, I'm unable to find where to configure iLO on the G1 boxes. When they're restarted, I see no where to press F8 (no screen prompt). Do these come with iLO firmware on? If so, how do I set them up? If not, can iLO be installed on these?


Thanks in advance.

Frequent Advisor

Re: HP4500 G1 iLO Setup

The G1 P4500's I have are rebranded SE1220's. These do not have iLO2 like the G2's, these have a stripped down version called LO100.  I can't remember if the LO100 can be disabled in the BIOS or not.

Steve Burkett
Valued Contributor

Re: HP4500 G1 iLO Setup

Yeah, the G1's don't have the full ILO as you'd expect, they have the cut down 'LO100' board, also called IPMI.


You should be able to find the settings for it in the BIOS under the Advanced > IPMI Configuration menu I believe it is.


Definitely works, we have set up on our P4500 G1's, but obviously not as nice/feature rich as the proper ILO.