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HPE SV VSA support

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HPE SV VSA support

Why is it so difficult to get the required support on your products? I just want to open a ticket for our StoreVirtual VSA product however getting it linked to my account has proven impossible. We purchased 6 HPE SV VSA 2014 3yr E-LTU licenses for our 6 Gen 9 Host and have those licenses and that agreement linked to my HPE account. We also had purchased for us a VSA Carepack and OneView Care Pack. When I go to open a ticket I only get the hardware option and that team says they cannot support the SV VSA. They only support the physical hardware of the host. The SV team says they need a contract number in order to be able to open a ticket for me, however the only contract number we were provided they say is not correct. Why is it so difficult to look up the contracts my company has purchased or had purchased for them and open a ticket that way?

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Re: HPE SV VSA support

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty with your case.  If you do have a case number, I can talk with the StoreVirtual technical support team about improving the experience.  Additionally, when calling in to HPE Support, you can select the appropriate path via the IVR for StoreVirtual and ask for assistance as well as asking for the Duty Manager to escalate.

Amy Mitchell

StoreVirtual Product Manager

I'm an HPE employee working in product management