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HPE Storage SAN/IQ

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HPE Storage SAN/IQ

We are looking to add a fifth P4300 G2 Storage node, while setting this up we have obtained the License Key and it accepts it successfuly, then when prompted to reimage, we select "Y", at this point it starts scrolling steps that it is taking, the first step it tries to login and get Username "root" invalid username. Everything after that point fails and it does not reimage. Any suggestions or questions, I will answer any questions you may have. We are using SAN/IQ ver 9.0 software to reimage. The P4300 G2 has 8 bays only 4 populated with 4x2TB drives configured for Raid 5. 

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Re: HPE Storage SAN/IQ

Hi ValleyGuy,

Could you please provide the software version on the other nodes? Are the running SAN/IQ 9.0? If yes, this software is no longer active and supported. The recommended version for P4300 G2 is 12.5. Have you tried to use the image for 12.5?

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