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Re: HPvsaUserUnhappy no quorum issue - data not reacheable

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HPvsaUserUnhappy no quorum issue - data not reacheable



We have currently an big issues with own VSA HP 4000 storage used with ESXi server.


We have Three P4000 VSA Appliance running on (ESXi).these appliance is configured by CMC console into 1 management group and 3 clusters. And each cluster has a storage group and storage volume.


The problem is that nothing working correctly. When we try to login into managment group the error message "The following systems report that they are in a management group, but the management group does not aggree






The following systems report that they are running managers in a management group but the management group thinks they are not running managers




TO resolve this problem, contact technical support (support portal"


We already try to reboot each VSA but it seems that the "no quorum" still remeans.


We already thry to conenct to each VSA with CLI and run "startManager"



SAN/iQ Command Line Interface, v9.0.00.3561
(C) Copyright 2007-2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

 result         80001014
 processingTime 10027
 name           CliqConnectionFailure
 description    A GENERAL ERROR OCCURRED THAT IS NOT COVERED BY A MORE SPECIFIC ERROR CODE.: "FAILED: the user name or password is invalid. Login again." Storage system ''.

The password and user are correct but not for the vsa -_-


Can anybody alrealdy has this issue and a work around ?

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Re: HPvsaUserUnhappy no quorum issue - data not reacheable

ouch.  I hate do say it but you should be calling tech support on that one.


Only option you might try is powering off every node and turning them on at the same time...  you have to make sure you have network connectivity between the nodes as that might be the problem for no quorum.



On a side note, your configuration is really screwed up anyway.  Why on earth would you want to have three single VSA clusters and have them in one management group?  Why not one cluster to make use of the network raid function of the VSA system.  If you are going to use three single cluster single nodes, jsut keep them each in their own management group and you won't have to worry about quorum ever again.  The way you have your system setup you lose almost every benefit to the VSA package and the only possible reason I could think you would go with your setup is because each ESXi host has a very different HDD configuration and the capacity loss would be too much to join them all together.

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Re: HPvsaUserUnhappy no quorum issue - data not reacheable

This problem accrue when a system set into new management group without first take this system out from an old management group OR if you clone system like FOM and try to operate it in new management group without first restore it to factory default .

The only solution I fond to this is take the system out of the management group an rejoin it to the new one.

If you have data on the system please transfer it  to another system first !