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Help creating a new Mamagement Group

M. N.

Help creating a new Mamagement Group

I have several P4xxx storage servers organized as a single Management Group and 4 Clusters.

They oprovide iSCSI storage for a VMware vSphere infrastructure based on 3 ESXi servers.

I need to add 2 P4730 storage servers that will be managed by a new Management Group.

The new Management Group will serve the existing ESXi servers.

Where can I locate a step-by-step guide to create a new Management Group?

Should I create a new Server Cluster or can I use the existing one?

All the activities will be performed while the vSphere infrastructure is operationsl, so I can't create any problem to the existing ESXi server and to the VM they host...

Suggestions, pointers and hints are welcome!





Re: Help creating a new Mamagement Group



You can refer to this link for creating management groups:




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