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How do I back up the VSA and FOM appliances??

Tom Lyczko
Super Advisor

How do I back up the VSA and FOM appliances??

We have one VSA installed into local storage on each vSphere host, plus one FOM also installed to local storage.

How should these be backed up??
The VSAs can not be vmotioned to shared storage, the FOM is generally only  vmotioned back and forth to the hosts' local storage.

Or must I simply pray???????? :) :) :)

Thank you, Tom

Honored Contributor

Re: How do I back up the VSA and FOM appliances??

there isn't really a need to back either up and they shouldn't be.  the FOM is a generic utility and doesn't store anything important so if it dies you can spin up a new one about as quickly as you could recover one from backup.  As for the VSA, you don't to back that up at the VSA level, you should be backup up the data on it at the LUN level.  backing up the VSA would be like taking a ghost image of a drive in a raid group...  generally not smart.