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How many management groups?

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Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

How many management groups?

After a little advice really as after reading the manual there doesn't really seem to be a single "right" answer.

We have some P4000, to start with we have six nodes, 4xP4300 MDL and 2xP4500 SAS.

We also have 10xVSA licenses.

The MDL will is primarily for "file server" LUN's and the SAS is for vSphere.

On what basis would you create management groups?

For example, I know we'll initially have 2 clusters, one of the P4300's and one of the P4500's, and when we use the VSA's we'll have at least one additional cluster.

Would you use one single management group, one per disk type, what exactly?

We have two locations so are doing multi-site, though it's a stretch cluster so it's all on the same iSCSI subnet.


Re: How many management groups?

I had a similar issue finding what was best, but attacked it from this perspective. You only need one Fail-over Cluster Manager per management group, and each FOCM can only service one management group. So I went with one management group and one FOCM.
Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Re: How many management groups?

Thanks Jim. From an administrative perspective I see little need for more than one group, nice to have a little confirmation of that though.
Respected Contributor

Re: How many management groups?

You also have the luxury of a dropdown selector to move a volume from one cluster to the other if they are within the same management group.

Really makes it easy to use your MDL cluster for staging, proof of concept, testing, and then simply slide it onto the SAS cluster once you decide to put it into production.