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Re: How to configure P4000

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How to configure P4000


I am new to P4000 VSA. In the process of setting up SRM (Home Lab) to learn and configure.

My set up as follows (inside vmware WS 7.1)

2 management group (Protected & Recovery)
2 clusters (Protected & Recovery)
1 Volume under each management group (40GB)
2 ESX Servers (Protected & Recovery)
2 VCenter (Protected & Recovery).

My question is what IP address should, I assign for VIP (Virtual IP) under each management group? I cannot use same VIP for both management group or can, I use same VIP? Appreciate your help.

If you have any other set up suggestion please do share.

Uwe Zessin
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Re: How to configure P4000

A VIP is an attribute of a cluster within a management group. Of course you need unique IP addresses (this includes VIPs) within one network.

Re: How to configure P4000

When setting up a P4000 Cluster, a Virtual IP (VIP) needs to be configured.
A VIP is required for iSCSI load balancing and fault tolerance. One NSM node will act as the VIP for the cluster, if this node fails, the VIP function will automatically failover to another node in the cluster.
The VIP will function as the iSCSI portal, ESX servers use the VIP for discovery and to log in to the volumes.

VIP works at Cluster Level, in a Multi Site Cluster one can have upto 3 VIPs spanned across different subnets.

If you use the Wizard to create a Cluster, you would get the option to assign a VIP for the Cluster which should be unique and in the same subnet as the Nodes (in the Site).
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