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How to correct wrong site assignement?

Ralf Gerresheim
Frequent Advisor

How to correct wrong site assignement?


 during installation/configuration in a P4500 Multi-Site with 4 nodes, we create 2 sites for the storage nodes and assign the storage nodes to the sites. We have another 2 storage nodes in a standard configuration in one of the sites.

Unfortunatelly, the storage nodes for the multi-site cluster are assigned to the wrong sites. If we want to edit the sites and remove the nodes to join them to the correct site a warning appears, that the multi-site cluster will be changed to a standard cluster.

Is there any way to rearrange the storage nodes to the correct sites without destroying the multi-cluster or at least without loss of data? A (short) downtime will be possible.


Thanks in advance


Honored Contributor

Re: How to correct wrong site assignement?

Just change the sites.  You will not lose data or availability during the process.  Changing from multi-site to standard and back doesn't actually do anything that you will notice in the process.  The issue will be that depending on how the cluster is striped, changing the sites will result in a cluster re-strip which you will have to wait for it to complete before fixing the sites yet again.


In short, there will be no data loss as long as you wait for the restripe processes to complete after you make the logical site changes.