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How to remove offline, failed storage system from CMC

David Whitty
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How to remove offline, failed storage system from CMC


A vsphere vsa was reinstalled and I neglected to remove the old storage system from the CMC.

The CMC shows the old, failed storage system as Unknown, Offline, and with a MAC address no longer valid as the vsa instance no longer exists. All available options on the failed storage system lead nowhere - it cannot be power on or off, cannot edit hostname, cannot add to new cluster -- because the system cannot be found on the network.

The failed storage system does not belong to the working cluster though it is a member of the management group.

I cannot make changes to the working cluster, such as changing network bonding, because the CMC reports "There are one or more other storage systems in the  (managment group) that are not ready. Wait until the other storage systems are ready and try again."

What are the options for removing a failed storage system from the CMC?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: How to remove offline, failed storage system from CMC

do you have enough storage capacity to remove the node? 

I"ve run into this in the past and the easiest way was to build a new VSA w/ the same name/MAC/IP.  When you do that, it will see that the new node isn't really the same as the old one and will replace it with an "RIP" node.  From there, it will allow you to replace the failed node with a node exchange/swap.  I don't know if you can just remove the node at that point or if you will have to replace the missing node and then remove the "new" node if your ultimate goal is to just have one less node.