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How to verify replication?

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How to verify replication?

We have a 10 node, 2 site MSS cluster setup with a bunch of RAID 10 volumes.  My question is, how do you KNOW the volumes are replicated?  Are there any SNMP queries you can run?  Also, how do you know how far behind the replication is?  Is it msecs behind or even 10-30 minutes?  


We have 2x10GB fiber between our two sites, and the latency is very low.  Bandwidth counters show the line is nowhere near being oversubscribed.


We're curious as this is something that terrifies us--failing over only to find out we're backlogged by a couple of days.

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Re: How to verify replication?



If this is 1 cluster with Network RAID10 volumes under it, this is synchronious replication... So the write is done instantly...


You can see the health of the volumes by clicking on the volume. If the status says Normal, everything is OK...


By shutting down a node and starting it again, you will see for a short time that the volume will state degraded and restriping... Since it is block based, this goes quite quick...





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