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Hyper-V to P4500 G2 IP Addressing

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Lyndon Frei

Hyper-V to P4500 G2 IP Addressing


Can somebody explain to me a simple ip addressing scheme for a single Lefthand Node redundantly connected to Hyper-V Hosts with 2 dedicated storage NICs and ProCurve Switches?

I'm used to set up NetApp FAS with Hyper-V Hosts all having 2 NICs on different subnets using load-balanced MPIO. But the Virtual IP approach of Lefthand using just one subnet drove me crazy until I realized this is a single portal storage appliance compared to multiple portals of NetApp and others. The VIP is needed as soon as another storage node joins the party.

So the Lefthand best practice says bond the NICS with ALB using one VIP connected to two separate GbE Switches. So far so good. But what do I configure on the Hyper-V Hosts? I cannot use NIC Teaming on them since it's not supported by the MS iSCSI Initiator. So do I just configure both host NICs with an ip address on the same subnet and connect the to the separate switches? Do the switches need to be trunked together since they serve the same subnet? Will Windows not get in trouble being multi-homed on the same subnet?

Bryan McMullan
Trusted Contributor

Re: Hyper-V to P4500 G2 IP Addressing

You're pretty much correct. Set the NICS on the node up with ALB and then add an IP to both NICs on the Windows Boxes. I believe you will want to trunk the switches (or stack them if you have the ability to use a high-speed backbone - i.e. Cisco Stackwise).

Do not use a gateway IP when configuring the windows boxes (shouldn't be needed as you are communicating on the same subnet) and you will be fine in reference to the multi-homing.

Hope that helps!
Lyndon Frei

Re: Hyper-V to P4500 G2 IP Addressing

Thanks for the confirmation!