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I/O Blender

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I/O Blender

Hi All,


Anyone using  I/O reduction software like V-locity or similar? Just curious if its worth the hype and what the general thinking is? Also, should this be viewed as specifically a Windows issue for MS to resolve or should SAN vendors be stepping up? 





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Re: I/O Blender

I use VLocity.  Not sure what I think of it really.  I hate what they did to the UI in the last two versions and feel like I have no clue what it is doing.  We got a 3-year maintenance agreement with it and so I've upgraded it when new ones come out, but I don't think we will pay to add it again when it comes due for renewal.  It might help, but I think at this point, windows takes care of itself good enough on its own now.  I think if you are mostly running 2012R2 then I would pass.  It MIGHT help, it might not... since v3's UI change, they really make it impossible to easily monitor anything and as an admin who really likes to config lots of little settings to make things for work ME, they have all of 4 options to change and for something as unique as a server's storage requirements that really doesn't feel nearly enough for me.  I used to be able to go into the registry and change advanced settings for them and now none of that is documents at all so I"m lost.  Its like they are taking the iOS UI approach and that just doesn't work for me.


That all said, it isn't causing me problems, so I can't say you shouldn't use it, just that we do for now, but next time I don't think we will.