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IO Latency HP SV4330 Lun

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IO Latency HP SV4330 Lun

"I have occasional slowness when writing data to drives from my SQL Server, I have been monitoring this over the course of this afternoon and noticed that my IO Latency Writes for the LUN is high at times, but not all the time.



I appreciate that during big writes I will probably see a bit of latency, but I'm amazed at how high it has been.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?"



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Re: IO Latency HP SV4330 Lun

depends on when that high IO latency happens.  If that happens once or twice, it could be just a fluke that can happen during really low IO periods because of delays with a hdd spinning up, but if it happens during moderate activity periods then its most likely a failing HDD that is holding up performance for a node...  I would watch for node queue length to see if one node is holding up the show during that period.  If it happens during high IO activity times, then it is likely a problem with the switch config or with flow control / jumbo frame settings on the network.


hope that helps you troubleshoot.  Can't really provide any more without some graphs of performance over time.