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Incorrect type in MIB (?)

Ran Hadary
Occasional Contributor

Incorrect type in MIB (?)

We are trying to monitor the P4500 Cluster with external tools via SNMP. Mostly in order to trigger alerts about storage capacity (the stock one is not granular enough).
When looking at the MIB the Cluster space available is defined as counter, which is probably wrong. We think it should be defined as a gauge.

Counter64: 6817034240 kbytes
Qui audet adipiscitur
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Re: Incorrect type in MIB (?)

I came to the same conclusion...

Here's my workaround:

It's a script (run from my Nagios/MRTG server) that queries each volume, and tallies the volumes and snapshots.

Also note that in 8.5 HP deprecated the clusModule IO stats.. There's supposed to be a replacement in storage MIB, but the numbers returned are strange and not usable...

Take a look at the check_cluster command I have there. I suspect there's a more efficient way to get the same results. I'd love to get some feedback and suggestions on how to improve it.

Works for me and my customers so far though. It lets me do historical graphing of the total cluster utilization.

I also have another one that shows individual volumes (and shows base snapshot plus deltas.) I haven't posted it on the website yet though.

Re: Incorrect type in MIB (?)

Hi guys,

Is there a resource out there that lists the alert text field entries produced by the traps ?
It appears the alert text is simply added to simple free form traps.