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Installing HP_DSM_Installer_9.5.0.981 on Hyper-v Cluster

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Installing HP_DSM_Installer_9.5.0.981 on Hyper-v Cluster

Hi there,


i´ve a situation to update from 9.0 to 9.5 SAN i/Q .

Before I´ve to install the HP DSM Multipath driver on an Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster.

The customer currently use the Microsoft iSCSI initiator. Not the HP DMS MPIO version.


Today I´ve cleaned up the host and paused the cluster install the HP_DSM_Installer_9.5.

After the reboot there are more than 2 iSCSI connection in the CMC as before.


Currently i am not able to start any VM on the HOST.  (STATUS_DEVICE_BUSY)


Did anybody know what happened?




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Re: Installing HP_DSM_Installer_9.5.0.981 on Hyper-v Cluster

I am having the same problem.  I am currently waiting on a call back from tech support.


Clean W2k8 R2 Hyper-V server (DL380 G7).  It has been running well using the Microsoft iSCSI initiator with no MPIO for a few months.  During a SAN software upgrade I lost access to the LUNs as both nodes went through their reboot cycles.  I realized that I probably needed the DSM for MPIO installed to enable the redundancy.


I followed the steps in HP's documentation to install the DSM for MPIO and everything seemed to go well until I began migrating VMs back to the host.  The Cluster Shared Volumes started freezing/dropping offline with the error message you indicated.  I have also had the server completely crash (reboot) twice.


I hope HP has a solution to this.

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Re: Installing HP_DSM_Installer_9.5.0.981 on Hyper-v Cluster

Did anyone get resolution to this issue?


We are experiencing similar problems installing the HP DSM for MPIO on our existing 10-node Hyper-V cluster. When I live migrate a VM to a Hyper-V cluster node with this DSM installed, it drops the CSV that the VM is on which blue screens the VM. If I uninstall it, no issues...