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Large Initial Remote Snapshots

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Large Initial Remote Snapshots

We recently had an issue where I lost a few volumes of data on a a local management group. I had been remote snapshotting between my local group and another group at a co-lo facility. 

I've repaired the hardware but I now need to set up remote replication again. There is about 2TB of data to get going which over my WAN would take about 1.5 months. (Nightly snapshots are only about 2-3GB).

Is there a way to do a remote snapshot to a large hard drive and then drive to the location (about 20 miles) and then snapshot it back into the system?

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Re: Large Initial Remote Snapshots

Do you have any spare drives?  I would spool up a VSA at the DR site, snapshot to the VSA and then ship the VSA to the local site and then resync the snapshot to the remote site and then resync the VSA to the primary... I think that should work and would be at lot faster than doing 100% WAN resync and a lot safer than shipping a physical node...  just buy a 4TB disk and you can even put the VSA on your desktop if you are running windows8 w/ hyper-v enabled.