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Left Hand Solution Power Issue

Eli Katz
Occasional Contributor

Left Hand Solution Power Issue

Hi, I recently was discussing a left hand solution with a client and when the issue of power came up, I recommended he use 220 power. He is in a union building and they do not have and are not going to run a new 220 line.

My next idea was to have him use 110 but to use a L5-30R receptacle on the end.

Anyone know of any issues with that?

Honored Contributor

Re: Left Hand Solution Power Issue

A "left hand solution"? Do you mean these:

What sort of configuration are you planning?
Your question seems to be a bit sparse on relevant facts.

The main part of this solution seems to be a HP P4000 SAN unit.

The QuickSpecs document lists the maximum amperage of 12.8 A at 115 volts, so 30 A rated receptacles like L5-30R would be somewhat overkill. (A "starter configuration" draws even less: just 5.2 amps.)

You'll also need multiple receptacles per unit, because this thing has redundant power supplies. If you are planning to connect all the power cords to a single PDU, you're introducing a Single Point of Failure: the PDU and the circuit breaker feeding it.

Besides, upgrading just the receptacles without a matching upgrade to the building's internal wiring is likely to be a building code violation. Not to mention that overloading the wiring inside the walls has a chance of eventually causing a fire.

My suggestion: just list the requirements of the hardware you're planning to use (wattage or amperage/voltage, number and type of sockets needed) and let the client verify that they'we got the necessary power capacity (hopefully with the assistance of a qualified electrician).