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LeftHand NSM 2120G2


LeftHand NSM 2120G2


- Is the LeftHand NSM 2120G2 still a viable product to use as a SAN with 5 G7 servers and a total storage capacity requirement of 10TB?

- May someone refer me to a document that explains how to install the BIOS that is downloadable from HP.Com, the name of the

  file is: DIAGiQ-



Thank you in advance.




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Re: LeftHand NSM 2120G2


The NSM 2120G2 is the same as the DL185 so you would follow the intructions for doing the firmware upgrades using that machine.  The official P4000 document does not list that hardware anymore, so I would think that you really dont need to upgrade the fw on that device any longer.

Here is the firmware matrix for the p4000

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Re: LeftHand NSM 2120G2

Yes the NSM2120G2 is still a viable and supported node from HP.


Emilo has you pointed to the correct file, but you will need an HP Passport account to access this file.


I have a pair of NSM2120G2's and they show up in my CMC as P4500 nodes. You should follow the instructions in the firmware compatibility matrix document and it will direct you to the location of all the proper firmware for your nodes.


If you update your P400 SAS controller either manually or through the CMC/upgrade process, you will DEFINATELY want to upgrade your individual hard drive firmware as well. Go into your hardware tab for each node and refresh the hardware information. Cross check the firmware on your drives against the matrix here:


I had 3 false hard drive failures after an upgrade as I was having trouble booting one of my NSMs from a USB stick. A really big headache, but the system is running flawlessly on the new firmware.


Best of luck.