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LeftHand Networks NSM 150's SAN Complete Power down

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Bruce Bodart
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LeftHand Networks NSM 150's SAN Complete Power down


I have a question on complete power down. Sorry for length of question.

I have a LHN setup of 12 NSM 150's 1TB modules.
1 Management group, 1 cluster, 19 volumes.

I have to completely power down everything for a 12 hour window for electrical maintenance in the building. No generator No UPS.
I was reading in the help the best way to do this by powering off the management group, this will in turn power down each individual NSM. Has anyone done this in the past??? experiences??
When I am ready to power on again it states to just power each NSM.
Will I have to discover them all again once they are all up? again any experiences with this???
Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Re: LeftHand Networks NSM 150's SAN Complete Power down

Yes, the power down from the CMC should be the easiest and most graceful method. I've used this before with good results.

You shouldn't have any issues once powered back up. Your CMC on your workstation "remembers" the discovered nodes, and will automatically attempt to "rediscover" them when you run the management console after you power them back up.

Obviously be sure you have first powered down all the servers, and you can validate that there is no iSCSI communication before you power them down.

You may wish to pause any automatic scheduled (remote) snapshots (if you use them) so you aren't halfway in the middle of a replication job when you power the units down.