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LeftHand P4000 Persistent Reservations configuration?

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LeftHand P4000 Persistent Reservations configuration?



I'm in the process of configuring several Windows Server 2008R2 failover clusters based on a vmware esx solution where the guest OS (w2008r2) directly access the iSCSI disks on the P4000 SAN using MS iSCSI initiator, HP LeftHand DSM for MPIO and MS MPIO. The disks present themselves in iSCSI initializer, I can do most configurations on them and I can format and use the disks.


BUT I have some challenges that seems to be related:

If I try to change the MPIO Load balance policy in iSCSI Initiator from "Vendor Specific" to "Round Robin" I get the error message: "The request is not supported", and as far as I know the P4000 should support "Round Robin". Next, when I run the cluster verification software, I get a error regarding "Persistent Reservations" against the disk (ex: Failed to read PR on cluster disk 0...., Cluster disk 0 does not support Persistent Reservations....), this also should be supported, as far as I know.


To me it seems that both issues relate to SPC-3 (SCSI-3, SCSI Primary Commands). In the documentation from HP it says that the P4000 SAN has full support for this, but it don't seem to work in this situation.


So the questions: Are there some configuration on the SAN side that must be done for the disks or SAN? What kind of software/firmware versions must be run to support this? Are there some other/hidden configuration at the Windows side? Some Vmware esx configuration? other?


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Re: LeftHand P4000 Persistent Reservations configuration?

nothing should be needed on the SAN side.  The HP system does work with SCSI-3 as well as the HP DSM for MPIO does work with round robin... HP actually says that you are supposed to change the setting from vendor to round robin.


Are you connecting to the cluster IP or are you trying to connect to an individual VSA's IP?  You should be going to the cluster IP.  I make sure that when making the connection I change everything from "default" to call out "Microsoft iSCSI initiator", the actual IP address of the initiator, and the actual target portal IP.  Beyond that, make sure you follow the instructions clearly by HP for installation of their DSM and everything should be fine.... sounds like osmething was missed in your setup.