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LeftHand P4000 simulator?

Chris Rasmussen [FAU]
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LeftHand P4000 simulator?

Hi all,


I've got the EVA simulator already but I'm wondering if anyone has found a similar simulator for the LeftHand storage systems.  If so, where did you find it?


Any help would be appreciated.




P.S.  EVA simulator is downloaded from the following page, if you're interested:

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Re: LeftHand P4000 simulator?

Search the web for the "VSA Laptop Demo":

Hope this helps!

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Re: LeftHand P4000 simulator?

There is not Simulator for P4000.
As mentioned above, one can work with the 60 Day Trial of the Laptop Demo.
That should give you a much better understanding than a Simulator.
You would be working with Live VSAs.
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