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LeftHand SAN Storage p4500 Cluster Monitoring

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LeftHand SAN Storage p4500 Cluster Monitoring



We are trying to monitor the LeftHand San Storage P4500 cluster.


My Setup is to be like below


  I have 6 storage node and all nodes are associated with one cluster and cluster management group.


How can we monitor the performance of all storage node through the single IP.


Can suggest what are the ways to montitor the storage node cluster.







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Re: LeftHand SAN Storage p4500 Cluster Monitoring

sounds like you need to hire a professional to at least get your setup here.  This is a basic capability that someone who is running the SAN should know.  The management program has capabilities for monitoring live performance.  If you want to track it historically, then you need to use SNMP and something like CACTI.