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LeftHand VSA network config

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LeftHand VSA network config


Two HP ProCurve 1800-8G Switches
Two Cisco 3650 1Gb ports
Two HP DL380 Servers each with 2 built-in 1GB ports and an added 4 port 1GB NIC
Two LeftHand VSAs
One LeftHand CMC

The physical NICs are split up in VMware this way:

NIC 0, 1 = vSwich0, used for Service Console
NIC 3, 4 = vSwitch2, used for Virtual Machine Port Group
NIC 2, 3 = vSwitch1, used for VMkernel (iSCSI) port, Service Console 2

There are 6 physical network cables coming from each server plugging into the two HP ProCurve switches.

Each ProCurve has one port used to plug into one port on a Cisco 3650 1GB port.

How should the rest of my cabling be setup?

I can either:

Put all 4 of the cables used by the LeftHand VSAs on one switch and 4 of the cables used by the Virtual Machine Port Group on the other.


Put 2 cables used by one LeftHand VSA and 2 cables used by one Virtual Machine Port Group on one switch and then do the same on the other switch.
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Re: LeftHand VSA network config

Did you ever manage to get this working?

I just bought a similar package and can't get things running properly. Just wondering how you configured your switches and virtual networking.