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LeftHand networks thinly provisioned space reclamation?

Occasional Visitor

LeftHand networks thinly provisioned space reclamation?

LeftHand 7.0.01 build 6065

The LeftHand docs state that due to the nature of iSCSI, used blocks which are deleted by Windows NTFS on a volume are still seen as used by LH, so eventually with a server that uses lots of file creates/deletes, a thinly provisioned volume will become fat (fully provisioned)

Does HP have anything for space reclamation, such as the Veritas Thin Reclamation API, DataCores SANMelody, NetApps hole punching, etc?

It seems from a fairly wide search that LeftHand software is the only "big player" that does not offer this, and as such they will rapidly fall behind the market

I actually need this functionality, so if anyone knows of an internal LH (or HP) product, or a 3rd party app, that offers thin space reclamation of LeftHand volumes, I'd be extremely grateful

Thanks in advance
Timothy Musa
Occasional Contributor

Re: LeftHand networks thinly provisioned space reclamation?

Sorry to say that I don't have a solution for you. However, I am also interested in such a product. Though, we are mainly a Novell shop here, so we would be looking for something that worked on NSS volumes as well.

Thanks, Tim