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Lefthand 4500 - Cluster


Lefthand 4500 - Cluster

I had my first LH4500 1.8TB last year. Configured for Thin provision with 300GB and 1TB of volume space.
I recently add another LH4500 5.4TB. I added to the same management group and same cluster.
Looking at the "node use" tap in the cluster, i have 6.5TB RAW, Usable is ONLY 2.61TB. My second LH's usable space reads 1.3TB, same as my first LH.
How can i get the full capacity of the second LH? All are configured with RAID5.

Mike Povall
Trusted Contributor

Re: Lefthand 4500 - Cluster

The only way to get the full capacity from the 5.4T node in your situation is to remove it from the existing cluster, create a new cluster and add it to that new cluster. When adding storage modules to a cluster they should be of similar capacity and performance to get the best from them. A simple analogy would be adding physical disks to a RAID array on a Smart Array controller - if they have different capacities then all disks will operate at the capacity of the smallest.

Regards, Mike.