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Re: Lefthand MPIO and HP X1600

Gary Steeley
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Lefthand MPIO and HP X1600

I currently have two host servers connecting to a two-node P4300 SAN using the Lefthand MPIO (8.5) I want to add an HP Storageworks X1600 to my network and was wondering if I will have any issue connecting to iSCSI targets on the X1600 using the Lefthand MPIO.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Lefthand MPIO and HP X1600

It should work fine.
But not recommended.

If you have only 1 nic on you Host server and want to connect to both P4300 and X1600, you should be able to do it.
They should work fine. But as said I would not tax that single nic so much.

I would recommend not putting the X1600 in the same subnet as P4300.
Your SAN Storage is preferred to be in a Segregated network.

I would expect you X1600 on you LAN which can be accessed by all Hosts/Clients.

If you have to put X1600 in the same subnet as P4300s then have a separate nic on the Host talking to the X1600.
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