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(Lefthand) P4000 Demo VSA

Ronny Talberg
Occasional Visitor

(Lefthand) P4000 Demo VSA


I had set up the two VSA demo nodes in a cluster with a replicated volume and put some VMs on it. Since the demo contains no Fail Over Manager, it was not installed. The disk with the node containing the Virtual Manager and the quorum data got fried.

So now I have left the other node with the data on it. I want to retrieve my data, but all my attempts to persuade the surviving node to go online fails. I always get a message telling me to stop the Virtual Manager (which was running on the dead node).

Having a storage node with good data and no way to retrieve it would just be too stupid, so there must be something I'm missing here.

Can anyone help me with the proper procedure to retrieve my data?