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Lefthand P4000: Status = storage down

Manuel Huerta Lejo
Occasional Visitor

Lefthand P4000: Status = storage down

This is my first post. Sorry for my mistakes.
I have one cluster with two node of P4000.
The system is ok, but the last weekend appeared me this error:
Management Group: 'XXXXXXX'; Storage Server: 'XXXXXXX' Status = storage down. Value does not equal up
You can someone tell me that occurs?, because now the failure has been on weekends but if week is a serious problem.
Many thanks in advance
Matthew S. Luth
Occasional Advisor

Re: Lefthand P4000: Status = storage down

Hi Manuel,

That message will be reported by cluster members that have lost communication with another cluster member. This could be because the node is truly down or it could be that cluster communications have been disrupted for some other reason.

If the cluster has only two nodes, it will suspend I/O operations until the other member comes back up or until you start a virtual manager on the surviving node.

If it is always the same server (storage node) you need to determine if the node is losing power, crashing, etc. If it happens randomly to both nodes, you may need to contact support to find out what is going on.