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Lefthand P4300 Multipathing/Loadbalancing with ESX v4.1


Lefthand P4300 Multipathing/Loadbalancing with ESX v4.1


I would like to know what the recommended Multipathing/Loadbalancing configuration for the P4300 in conjunction with ESX v4.1 is.

Ive read the "Running VMware vSphere 4 on P4000" document ( but I`m confused anyway!

On Page 7 in the Document (Figure 5. Physical Network Adapter Failover Order for VMkernel MPIO) they recommend to use 2 VMkernel Ports each bound to one PHY_NIC, but you shouldn`t use two VMkernel Ports with IPs in the same Subnet! But except for a Multisite Cluster you can`t use VIP`s in two subnets?! The Document also says NOTHING about Bonding the P4000 NICs or not....

What IS best Practices for this Configuration?

2 P4300,
2 separate LAN Switches,
ESX v4.1 with 2 dedicated NICs for ISCSI,
vSwitch with 2 VMkernel ports bound to VMHBA33
RoundRobin Loadbalancing.

1. Bonding LH NICs or not?
2. 2 VMkernel ports in same or in different Subnets?
3. One or two VIPs?

Ive attached 2 Drawings, tested v1 on success,
tested v2 with success but 2 VMkernel Ports in same Subnet and therefore not recommended by VMware....

Thank You for help!


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Re: Lefthand P4300 Multipathing/Loadbalancing with ESX v4.1

I`ve found the solution myself.

Since ESX/ESXi v4.x VMware supports two VMkernel ports with IP-addresses in the same subnet. This was formerly NOT supportet.


So My Example v2 is the right solution:

ESX side:
- 2x VMkernel Ports in same subnet.
- each VMkernel port bound one phy_NIC
- both VMkernel ports bound to the software iSCSI adapter.
- path selection policy of round robin.
P4300 side:
- both NIC adapters of both P4300 bonded.
- One VIP with Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB).

That`s it.