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Lefthand P4500 g2-Reinstall OS

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Lefthand P4500 g2-Reinstall OS

Hi community. The equipment, a HP Lefthand P4500 g2 was erased with Active@ KillDisk. Now I am trying to reinstall the O.S. booting from USB and I got the following message:

Unfortunately I cannot access ILO remotely.


**** Starting HP LeftHand OS 12.0.00 0725 CD Installer **** 

Failed to mount CD...exiting

mount: /mnt/cdrom: not mounted

Auto Imaging Done

Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to Reboot 




P.S:This post was split as a new topic from Lefthand P4300 - OS 11.0 - The procedure doesn't complete -Moderator

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Re: Lefthand P4500 g2-Reinstall OS

Hi rpbortoli

The following message indicates either the created USB image is corrupt or incomplete or the actual recovery process was not successful.

Could you please let us know if you have the License key for this node? This will be required during the Quick Restore Process.

Also could you please let us know, how was the bootable USB key created? Was any software used to create the same?

I am an HPE Employee