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Re: Lefthand P4500 problem

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Lefthand P4500 problem

We have a problem with our P4500 (FW 12.6) and no support contract anymore. After a (big) power failure, both nodes and the FOM are up again, but now in a state as seen in the picture. We have not restarted yet, the CMC recommends removing and reinstalling the FOM in the management group, but the second node is not synced?!? The lefthand is in the productive environment, backup works. I'm grateful for any hint ...


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Re: Lefthand P4500 problem


if your hosts can use disks from Lefthand it meens you have 2 managers working

but you have a fatal error on node b2 until your volumes are synced you should not 

do any changes is the resync working?

what error do you have on node b2



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Re: Lefthand P4500 problem

Thanks for your answer. We solved the problem today by moving all virtual machines to another SAN. Reinstalling the FOM, then removing node 2 from the group and adding it again was a solution without destroying the volumes. Although we had no data loss, I would not do this in production enviroment...