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Lefthand Performance Trending

Jeffrey Belt
Occasional Contributor

Lefthand Performance Trending


I know there are the peformance counters in the LH management software, but they only appear to be in real-time.

Is there a way of logging these to a DB or some other software so we can get longer term trending for them?

I'm sure someone else must do it, what software do you use?


Kirk Kirkconnell
Occasional Visitor

Re: Lefthand Performance Trending

Best tool I have found for that is Cacti ( it is free. Set it up to log into MySQL and point it at the SNMP agent of the cluster. The SNMP MIB file you need so you know the OIDs should be on the DVD. I am sure others here have done something like this. IF you want the basics of each node (network, CPU, RAM, etc) then the standard system OIDS in SNMP since the P4000 series devices are all based on Linux to my knowledge. Getting individual volume performance I am not sure. Hopefully someone here know more as I too am interested.
Respected Contributor

Re: Lefthand Performance Trending

I have written a guide to monitoring/performance trending P4000 with Nagios (Groundwork Monitor)

It still needs some updating but should be able to put you on the right track.

I'd be happy to answer any questions. I also have some updates check commands that changed with the latest MIB OID updates.

The software I've used for this was Nagios Opensource (Community Edition)

and I ran it on CENTOS 5 (x64) (but most any flavor of Linux would work fine)
Trusted Contributor

Re: Lefthand Performance Trending

Just for you FYI...
You can always Export the Performance info to a .csv file

Then use EXCEL to open the info.. i guess u can flow chart it.. or use it in any way you like.
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