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Lefthand Snapshiots of a Remote Copy with ESX / VmWare

Florian Schmutz
Frequent Advisor

Lefthand Snapshiots of a Remote Copy with ESX / VmWare



I got a question about replicating snapshots with vmware.


We have 1 P4000 Cluster with iscsi volums witch are hosting VM Datastores in Version x.

We have another P4000 Cluster in a Recovery Site. We do Applicaiton Aware Snapshoting of all VM and so also the Volumes with Remote Copy from the Primary to the Scondary site.


So we have on the Recovery Site 1 Volume 1 Base Snap full 1 Inc Snap.


I have in the Recovery Site also 3 ESX Server witch are implemented in the Same Vcenter but in a other Vm Cluster.

The Replicaiton from the Main to the Recovery site is working well.



So now im wondering how i can assign the Volumes on the Reovery site to the ESX Hosts. 

If a only map the volumes to the ESX Servers and do a Rescan on the ESX Hosts i see 2 Volumes but with no Datastore. If i try to add this with Add Storage in the ESX it would reformat the Lun witch is not the plan.


Did i have to a Manual Failover on the CMC to prepare the volumes to be accassable from the recovery site esx Server?


I hope you understand wath i mean if not please ask to clarify.


Kind Regards



Florian Schmutz
Frequent Advisor

Re: Lefthand Snapshiots of a Remote Copy with ESX / VmWare


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