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Lefthand VSA and P4300 replicating

Chris Bullock_1
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Lefthand VSA and P4300 replicating

We purchased a P4300 (2 Lefthand units) and have found that what presales is selling is not what support is supporting, anyway, that's a sore subject. I would like to know if it's possible to have a P4300 at one site and have it replicate to a VSA at another site. 1. Can it be done and 2. Any disadvantages or gotchas.
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Re: Lefthand VSA and P4300 replicating

That is exactly what the VSA is designed to do.

You will need to license the VSAs (or purchase the remote office solution pack if you need a few of them)

But you can download the VSA for free and perform a proof of concept to use replication for 30 days before you have to license the VSA

you can move approximately 15GB of data per 24 hours per T1 (1.54Mbps) If bandwidth is a problem try doing less frequent snapshots, You may also consider a WAN accelerator/optimizer like Riverbed (I've typically seen 10:1 and even better in some cases)

Your best setup is to configure the VSA locally, and do your first (called Prime Synch) replication while the P4300 and VSA are on the GbE LAN with each other. Once you have replicated then move the VSA ESX server to your remote location, so only the deltas need to replicate over the WAN.

To estimate the bandwidth needed to move your delta data from your primary location to your VSA at the remote site I've posted an online calculator: