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Lefthand p4500's not booting to storage OS

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Lefthand p4500's not booting to storage OS

I have 11 p4500 LeftHand units, and due to a unscheduled power outage, we had to shutdown the systems because the AC was being turned off.  I've now powered everything back on, and I have 6 units that are in a loop where the system tries to boot the storage OS.  These systems were working just fine, and were shutdown via the CMC without any issues. Basically the systems in question never initiate and won't connect in the CMC.


I've seen a few posts indicating that this could be caused by drives failing, or being a failed state after a reboot, but it seems odd that they wouldn't have been marked as failed before the reboot.


If anyone has ran into this, I'd appreciate your input.  I also am going to contact HP about the issue.




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Re: Lefthand p4500's not booting to storage OS


Due to change in smart array bios version default changed from F2 to F1 in case of failed drive this means that the system won't boot unless you connect with console and press F2,.

This has been fixed in latest smart array bios so you can fix this behavior now.

Anyway you  have to connect a console on the failed systems by connecting screen and keyboard or via ILO

to fix your problem.



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Paul Hutchings
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Re: Lefthand p4500's not booting to storage OS

What happens on the console if you monitor it booting?

What happens if you "press any key to display option ROMs" and watch it go through the SmartArray initialisation?


My first thought is it might be the bug/issue that the SmartArray and some drive firmwares have where drives just disappear.


You may want to ensure the firmware(s) are up to date as per the compatibility matrix:


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Re: Lefthand p4500's not booting to storage OS

Thanks for the feedback, I finally got the systems back up.  Indeed there were quite a few systems with drive failures, or warnings.  In some cases just going into the BIOS for the Raid on the array was enough to get it back up and running.  I had two systems with pretty severe data loss, but I reimaged them and put them back in the cluster just fine.  Everything is good now, thanks again for the help.