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Logging & Alarms

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Logging & Alarms

Hi all,


I started my new job last Monday and inherited two P4000's which had a tantrum this morning.  The only alarm I can see is 6 months old relating to cluser utilization and I can't seem to clear it.

The system did send out some emails this morning related to the NTP service going down and that the system had to do a resync. 


ESXi 4.1.0 hosts connected to the P4000 threw up at error saying:


'Lost access to volume 4dc8f039-69657f8a-080d-68b5996f1a1a (Datastore_1) due to connectivity issues. Recovery attempt is in progress and outcome will be reported shortly.'


Connectivity was restored 9secs later.  I guess this was after one array had gone offline, but I can't see anything obvious from the CMC.


Can anyone tell me where I should go for logs and alerts?  I've tried exporting a few log files to read but most of them are empty.

I've used Dell Equalogic SAN's for some time so am pretty up to speed with them as a technology, just not HP's CMC.

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Re: Logging & Alarms

Do you not have a copy of the managment console (CMC)?  In there is should say any errors that are causing issues.


If they overprovisioned the cluster it could be possible that its completely filled up and you need more HDD space. 


I would suggest setting up your email to get the warning messages and you know whats happening when it happens.