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MPIO on Host or VM or both

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MPIO on Host or VM or both

I have a 4 node multi-site p4500 san. I am running W2K8 R2 clustering with CSV. I am presenting storage to the host and I am presenting storage to the VMs. Right now I have only one physical nic on each host attached to the san so I assume MPIO isn't doing anything for me. I will add another nic. My question is do I configure MPIO for the Hosts or the VMs or both?

Re: MPIO on Host or VM or both

You will want to enable MPIO on any host that is directly connected to the SAN. Wether it be the physical host or the VM. And even if you only have 1 NIC card in the host you still want to enable MPIO because it will select different ports on the p4500 nodes to connect to. There are still multiple paths even though there is only 1 path coming out of your physical server. But yes definately add another NIC to the mix so you have failover on the physical server as well.