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Management Group boots in "Maintenance Mode"

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Management Group boots in "Maintenance Mode"

Had an "interesting" experience today.

We moved our P4000 multi-site setup to the production sites but only got around to connecting up the FOM site and one P4000 site.

Powered everything up and expected to see volumes, instead saw a quorum but no volumes available.

Seems in amongst all the critical and warning events in the CMC that there's a very anonymous "informational" event telling you that the management group has started up in Maintenance Mode.

Bring it out of maintenance mode and hey presto volumes accessible (albeit degraded).

Seems odd that it isn't logged/alerted a little more noticeably?
Trusted Contributor

Re: Management Group boots in "Maintenance Mode"

Restarted management group in maintenance mode

In certain cases the management group may start up in maintenance mode. Maintenance mode status usually indicates that either the management group is not completely restarted or the volumes are
resynchronizing. When the management group is completely operational and the resynchronizing is complete, the management group status changes to normal mode.
Some situations which might cause a management group to start up in maintenance mode include the following:

â ¢ A storage system becomes unavailable, and the management group is shut down while that storage system is repaired or replaced. After the storage system is repaired or replaced and the
management group is started up, the management group remains in maintenance mode while the repaired or replaced storage system is resynchronizing with the rest of the management group.
â ¢ After a management group is shut down, a subset of storage systems is powered on. The management group remains in maintenance mode until the remaining storage systems are powered on
and rediscovered in the CMC.
â ¢ For some reason, a storage system comes up, but it is not fully functional.
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