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Managing a P4500 SAN Cluster

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Managing a P4500 SAN Cluster

I've inherited (2) SAN clusters, each with 3 nodes.  One cluster is currently in production and working properly.  The second cluster is not in production but it is powered on and connected to the LAN.


I have console access to each node, so I've verified the bonded-NIC IP addresses, but I'm unable to use the CLIQ or CMC to connect to any of the nodes.  The machine running CLIQ/CMC is connected to the same VLAN as the nodes, too.  I'm also unable to ping the production devices, which is shocking to me considering that they are hosting live volumes.


I'm new to HP SAN devices and I'm strugging to wrap my arms around this issue so that I can get in to each cluster and observe and provision storage.


Any advice would be greatly apprecaited.  For now, I'll try and use a serial connection to pull more information from the non-production devices.  Thanks!