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Mixing G1 and G2 nodes.

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Frank Verstraten
Frequent Advisor

Mixing G1 and G2 nodes.

I'm in an upgrade scenario were i have to add older nodes P4500G1 with 450GB sas disk to an cluster with P4500G2 600GB sas disk nodes.

I know i can add newer nodes to an older cluster but I want to do it the other way.

I hope anyone has ever done this.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Mixing G1 and G2 nodes.

we have test your scenario but it's not working. you can only add nodes with the same or more space.


Frank Verstraten
Frequent Advisor

Re: Mixing G1 and G2 nodes.

Thank you for the answer I have to look for an other scenario
Trusted Contributor

Re: Mixing G1 and G2 nodes.

Frank, you can add the new nodes to the old cluster but just in hard drive raid, the cluster will only use the minimum size of the Node in the Cluster to all other Nodes.

I would always recommend creating a new cluster.

And may be move volumes between them.
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