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More HP-VSA ESXi Install Questions

Occasional Contributor

More HP-VSA ESXi Install Questions

I am using HP-VSA version 12.


1. How do you thin provision the HP VSA install? The vmdk for the VSA Lefthand OS install is 30GB and I didn't see an option to thin install the vmdk when I installed the VSA.


2. I have my cluster setup with a network RAID 10 configuration (3 VSAs, each with 100GB, total for the cluster is 300GB raw), yet when I went to create the iSCSI volume it says that 289GB is available. How is that possible? I should have lost at least a third or half of the raw capacity and there shouldn't have been more than 150GB to 200GB available to create an iSCSI volume.


3. I understand that the HP-VSA (Lefthand OS) has a pretty large following. I would like to know of some other forums/communities that are setup for the HP-VSA support.


Thank you for your help.