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Move Volumes on p4000

Occasional Advisor

Move Volumes on p4000

have a cluster w. 2 nodes and i need to move the data to a new p4000 w. 2 nodes. how is this accomplished? Will resources need to be offline to do  this? pros/cons of migrating this data. Anyway to determine how long this would take? we use 10GB nic and 1 of our volumes is 1TB

Honored Contributor

Re: Move Volumes on p4000

are the two nodes 100% new and not already part of an existing cluster?  If so, the best thing to do is a "node exchange", basically you join both new nodes to the managment group and then you right click on the cluster and select exchange nodes and then select the nodes you want to exchange....  do both at the same time and you will only have to do one cluster re-stripe and when its done you can remove the old nodes from the management group and decomission them.


If you are just looking to move a single LUN to a new cluster, then you should read the help guild as it talks about what that takes, but its pretty easy as well (simply right click on the LUN and select edit and then change the cluster the LUN is assigned to).