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Move a lun from a esxi to another

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Move a lun from a esxi to another

I had a san HP LEFTAND P7000
Last year I connect to this san a ESXI 3.5
I create a lun, that i affected to the ESXI
It work great
Last month i buy a new ESX 4.0 (nor a ESXI)
I want to move the lun from the ESXI 3.5 to the ESX 4.0
I see that on the lefthand, i can affect the lun to the second esx, but my question is, what are the best practices when moving lun from a esx to a another if i did't have VCENTER



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Uwe Zessin
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Re: Move a lun from a esxi to another

You can present it to the ESX4.0 server in addition to the ESXi3.5 server, because VMFS is a shared filesystem.

Maybe take a snapshot, just to go safe.

Then, unregister the VM(s) from the ESXi3.5 server and register them on the ESX4.0 server.

Power on to test if the VMs come up. If you are satisfied with the result, upgrade VMware tools and then the VM's virtual hardware.

Do not INCREASE the datastore as long as it is presented to an ESX3.x server.