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Moving a Live CMC Installation to a new server

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Moving a Live CMC Installation to a new server

Hi Guys,


I have a CMC SANiQ 9.5 [ fully patched ] and it is managing two clusters with two seperate management groups , I and want to move it to a new server. What is the best method and steps to do this with no or minor downtime?


Thanks in advance



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Re: Moving a Live CMC Installation to a new server


As far as I know the CMC installation is not needed once the management groups are set up you can install it anywhere just run the latest installation kit in your download directory and copy the download directory to the new CMC to avoid downloading all the patches again



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Re: Moving a Live CMC Installation to a new server

Was there any feedback on the re-installation of the CMC on another server? I have to move our installation and wanted to know if it's as easy as just installing it on another server and copying the download directory to the new server. How does the installation pick up the configuration of the management groups etc?


Hopefully someone has more information on this process!



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Re: Moving a Live CMC Installation to a new server

CMC is a management program for VIEWING AND CHANGING the management group.  It is NOT needed to run the group and is NOT a "server"  it is just a program.  You can delete your copy of CMC from any computer and it will have ZERO IMPACT on the continued operation of the management group.  In fact, if you were really brave, you could skip CMC completely and just use CLI to manage your SAN.


That said, I woudl definitely suggest using CMC over CLI to manage your SAN.  Uninstall CMC from whatever server you happen to have it installed on and then install the latest version of CMC (11.5 I believe) on your desktop computer or whatever computer you have that can have access to the SAN.  As long as you have routed access to the SAN, your CMC install doesn't even have to be on the same subnet as the cluster nodes.  As an example, I have CMC installed on my desktop and my laptop and our firewall acts as our router for our SAN and will allow me to access to the SAN without having to plug directly into a port on the storage network.  


To be clear, CMC is just a program and not a server and it doesn't need to be running in order for the management group to function any more than you would need to have your Exchange management console up for your exchange server to run.