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Multipath - Volume presenation


Multipath - Volume presenation

Hi, I have on 3 vsphere 6.0 hosts 2 iscsi kernel, and 3 volumes on the sv4730 (together with 2 seperate Ethernet switches). The vsphere host has 2 iscsi kernel on one vswitch (iSCSI_A and iSCSI_B).

-vmk1 active 10Gb NIC, one unused vmnic2

-vmk2 active 10Gb NIC, one unused vmnic1

on vsphere, on storage adapter,  I can see 2 vmhba (vmhba33 &vmhba34) each with 3 path (vol1,vol2,vol3). In the CMC console I created a Volume with Servername1_iSCSI_A and Servername1_iSCSI_B. (two for each server).

If one path fails, the other is still alive for the vsphere host.

Is that the right way for presenting volumes in CMC console for vsphere hosts with the possible redundancy?

I did not found a printscreen or more details about it.

Who has details about it, Is that ok, or can I do it better (easier)?


Thanks a lot for an answer!