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Multisite SAN - Manager Best Practices

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Multisite SAN - Manager Best Practices

I have a 4 node multisite(P4500G2) and a 2 node older SAS(DL320s) in the same management group. This cluster also has a FOM. The 2 nodes both have managers installed, and 2 of my 4 nodes have managers installed.
We recently had an issue where the quorum was lost and the 4 node went down. What would be the best practice for this setup, and would it be prudent to install managers on the remaining 2 nodes in the Multisite?
Danny Petterson - DK
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Re: Multisite SAN - Manager Best Practices


If you run one of the MultiSite's as primary,you would run two managers on that one, and one manager on the secondary.

Another possibility would be, to have a FailOver Manager running on some VMWare, and have managers running on all the nodes as well.

The most important thing is, that nodes can the majority of votes, thats why you will need an uneven number of managers.

For more information, read:

"Configuring sites and quorum managers to achieve optimal high availability
and redundancy" - page 9.

Good luck
Danny Petterson
Frank Verstraten
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Re: Multisite SAN - Manager Best Practices

Best practice according to HP is to use a FOM failover manager instead of the virtual manager. Even better is to install this manager on a third location. If then on site fails you always have a majority so you don't lose quorum.